Define each of the three forms of farming available for freedmen during Reconstruction.

W2D3 Freedmen’s Bureau

Document-based Assessments

Be sure to check the rubric!

Document-Based Assessments are helpful in developing critical thinking

skills both in history and throughout life.

● Document-based pages use charts, graphs, photos, letters, eye-witness accounts, etc. to help the student investigate a

particular period of history from those who actually experienced it.

● Note the author and purpose of documents to assess their viewpoint, validity, etc.

● Depending on the year of the document, some of the language may be more difficult to understand, so have a dictionary handy for

unknown words, etc. in order to gain a better understanding of the


As you learn to comprehend and discern which sources are

valuable, what perspective is taken and what the authors use as

evidence to support their thinking, you will also learn to master

this skill.

We will be looking closely at many of the activities of this type in your text.  So, get out your thinking caps and enjoy these activities.

Today’s Assignment: page 431 – answer the 3 multiple choice questions

and compose a solid paragraph for the last question.

● Always be sure that you have reviewed the topic before


● Read the documents carefully and notice the date of each


● The writing must be specific and clearly supported.

● No general statements!




W2D4 This week’s question:



● Read Judges 12:1-6, 2 Samuel 2:12-31 What were some of the effects of these ‘Civil Wars’ in Biblical times? Think of ​two connections​ between the Biblical wars and the American Civil War?

● Why was the Civil War fought? Was it over states’ rights or slavery? Explain your answer.

● Reply to at least two of your classmate’s postings.

Classmates’ posts (reply to this two) R,​ Anthony​: ​Some of the effects the Civil wars in biblical times created, were they brought fear into others hearts knowing that they could be killed by the war. The wars

were connected because they both wanted freedom and the both wanted peace. The civil

war was fought for slavery because they wanted to change the laws for slavery so that

people may have more freedom than what they had with slavery going on.


M, McCall​: One connection was the Battle of Refidim. That was when the Israelites fought the Amalek people, who where also from Israel. It’s like the Civil war which was America

vs America. Another connection was they fought the battle for freedom, like the Civil

war. The Israelites wanted freedom (promises land), therefore the purpose of the battle.

The Civil war was fought because people just could not get past their differences. Some

believed that the slaves should be freed, others not so much. Since they could not agree

they began to battle it out. Some believed that African Americans should have rights like

everyone else, others believed that they did not deserve them. So yes I do believe that



it was about states rights and slavery.




Read pages 413 and 415

1. What exactly was the Freedmen’s Bureau and what did it provide?


2. How might the services of the Freedmen’s Bureau benefit freed

slaves for the near and distant future? (5)

Read pages 415-418:


1. Define each of the three forms of farming available for

freedmen during Reconstruction. (6)

2. What kind of violence was found in the Southern post-war

chaos? (2)



3. What kind of government response was found in the Southern

post-war chaos. (3)

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