In this assessment, you are required to form groups of two to four students and present a topic
regarding microservice architecture in class. Group formation, registration, and administration
guidelines can be found below.
Your presentation topic can be related to any Module topics, but you must add a substantially
different body of new material to the class material already available in Blackboard. In doing so, you
will need to carry out research and extend beyond what has been discussed in in class. For example,
MIS603 Assessment Three Page 2 of 7
Module 3.2 discussed RESTful APIs as a way to integrate microservices. You may either present other
ways microservices can be integrated, or you may demonstrate the implementation of a RESTful API.
Here is a list of suggested topics for you to consider:
? Principle of microservices– modelling around business domain;
? Principle of microservices – decentralise all the things;
? Principle of microservices – isolate failure;
? Principle of microservices – [any other principle of microservices you would like to discuss]
? Principle of service modelling
? Comparison of monolithic architecture with microservice architecture
? Challenges in splitting the monolith
? Advantages of microservices
? Disadvantages of microservices
? Synchronous microservice architecture
? Asynchronous mircroservice architecture
? Comparison of synchronous with asynchronous microservice architecture
? Microservice integration
? Microservice deployment