Recall 22-year-old Shannon, who is described at the beginning of the chapter. She is a single mother with two daughters, 5year old Denise and 10-day-old Rhonda. Shannon lives with her male partner, who is the father of the new baby. Rhonda was born at 37 weeks gestation, weighed 2800 g(6 lb, 3 oz) at birth required phototherapy for newborn jaundice, and had intial difficulty breastfeeding. She was discharged from the nursery at 5 days of age

1. What questions would the pediatric nurse and lactation  consultant ask Shannon to assess the adequacy of breast feeding at this time? What assessments of the newborn will provide clues about the adequacy of intake?


2.Consult Chapter 5 for a description of newborn re flexes. Plan a thorough newborn assessment that includes the reflexes. Why is it important to complete this neuro logical testing on baby Rhonda?

3. Plan a teaching session for Shannon that describes the sleep  patterns of newborns. Integrate suggestions to enable Rhonda and her partner to obtain adequate rest.


4.Denise is Rhonda’s 5-year-old sibling. What questions will you ask Shannon about Denise s adjustment to a new sibling?