Write no more than one -page single space of text.
I will attach a document shows what is our design project about

The title of the design project is ( Preliminary Production Pathway of Silicon Precursor, TCS, for Solar PV Manufacturing ) check the file so you can understand the topic

Describe a chemical-related safety or environmental hazard that is related to your design project. Suggested content:
o Background of the process and plant
o Chemical involved
o What caused the disaster?
o What impact did the disaster had on the local population, society, environment,
and chemical industry?
o How a better design could have prevented such a catastrophe, etc.?
o Example: If you reactor involves catalyst, you could summarize a CSB report on
an incident involving reactors using solid catalysts. Alternatively, rather than a specific incident, you may elect to describe a chronic chemical issue (e.g. acid rain, lead in gasoline, etc).