A. Describe and critique how you, a colleague or the lecturer used solution-focused and narrative approaches in one of the case scenarios from the course (including from videos, visiting speakers examples or other material presented in the course).
B. Describe and critique how care and control approaches were or could be applied in one of the case scenarios from this course. Discuss your insights about yourself as a beginning practitioner in relation to the case, using the Critical Reflective readings from Session 12.

Assessment Criteria Casework Analysis (Learning Outcomes 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6)
You should ensure that you:
• Explain and critique the use of narratives and solution focused strength-based theories
• Appraise the context of welfare services in Australia and elsewhere for disadvantaged people
• Assess the use of strategies of engagement and containment for aggressive clients
• Reflect critically, creatively and sensitively on the dynamics of power, privilege and oppression that might affect your work with this client (ie gender, class, culture, age, dis/ability) and what you have learned about yourself as a practitioner
• Acknowledge your sources (at least 6 readings overall to pass) and present your work with clear structure, a coherent, logical, reflective format, on time and within the word limit. Please proof read your work, using Spell and Grammar check to ensure is it academically and professionally well written. You will lose 1 mark per unacknowledged source