RAID level 1 (disk minoring) is popular with server systems. Explain how it contributes to system reliability, performance or both

(5 marks)

Describe the components of an instruction cycle and explain with justification the idea of interrupts and how interrupts are supported.

(5 marks)

Describe the typical 3-level hierarchical memory organization employed by many computer systems and provide a convincing justification for its use.

(5 marks)

Using the standard parallel interface as an example, describe the general organization including the programming model, of an 1/0 device interface adapter.

In the content of performance enhancement using parallelism, explain the terms available parallelism and utilized parallelism.

(2 marks)

Explain the basic characteristic of flash ROM and its applications in main memory subsystem, 1/0 subsystem and mass storage subsystem. (5 marks)

Explain why LRU is considered the perfect replacement policy in cached memory performance.

(3 marks)

Describe how antidependency is a problem in superscalar processing.

(5 marks)

Write brief notes on the ASC and RISC philosophies of architecture.

(5 marks)






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