Please read the attached case 1 from the section on the case studies “Alphabet Inc.: Reorganizing Google” and providing a minimum of eight (8) APA formatted papers (and at least six (6) peer-reviewed resources) . Please make sure that your writing should be analytical and includes the followings:

1. The effect of the event that happened in 2015 on Google’s stock prices; please explain this by preparing a table that shows historical data.
1a. Was this move due to Google’s stagnant share price and an attempt to pacify investors?

2. Analyze the effect of Google’s decision to restructure itself under a new holding after 2015.

3. Evaluate whether the expansion of Google Inc. into non-core businesses, including self-driving cars, life sciences research, high-speed Internet access, and investment divisions was a good move for Google. Please provide historical data to prove your points.

4. Describe how the restructuring has made the company’s competitiveness stronger in the market and increased profitability and company valuation?

5. Finally, if you conclude that this move was beneficial for Google, explain the economic ground for this profitability:
○ Diversification,
○ Higher market share,
○ Economies of scale, or
○ Something else