· Examine health records documentation requirements for various settings, and determine the timeliness, completeness and accuracy of information for each (I.B.2- BL4)
· Assess the roles and responsibilities of a variety of health care providers in different settings (correctional facilities, hospice, etc.). (I.B.4-BL5)
· Compare administrative requirements across different settings as it relate to documentation procedures (I.B.4-BL5)
· Verity health record documentation requirements to establish compliance with all accrediting, certification and licensing standards (such as accreditation, certification, licensure) (V.A. 2-BL4).
· Describe important changes affecting health care delivery systems in the United States. (VI.F.2-BL2).
· Illustrate healthcare reforms that contribute to changes in policy-making for healthcare (VI.F.2-BL2)
· Identify expanding opportunities available to health information professionals as a result of changes in healthcare regulations (VI.F.3-BL2)
· Describe the provider/payer relationship among various healthcare setting (VI.F.3-BL2)
· Summarize emerging trends that affect the delivery of care and documentation requirements for providers and healthcare organizations (VI.F. 3-BL2)