Describe the mechanism of enzyme action.


Question One What are the structural differences between Deoxyribonucleic acid and Ribonucleic acid (10Marks)

Queation Two

Discuss the biochemical explanation of genetic disorders. (10 marks)

Question Three

Show the biomolecules form intermediates of the Kreb”s cycle. (10Marks)

Question Four

Discribe the various amino acids synthesized from TCA cycle intermediates. (10Marks)


Differentiate betweeen the following terms
a.Anabolism and catabolism
b.Ketogenic and glucogenic amino acids
c.Fat and wax
d.Aldose and ketose
e.purine and pyrimidine. (10marks)

Question 6

State the functions of the following
b.Amino acids
e.Nucldotides. (10Marks)

Question Seven

Discuss how the respiratory chain delivers electrons to oxygen. (10Marks)

Question Eight

Describe the mechanism of enzyme action. (10Marks).






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Calculate p(0) such that p(y) is normalised.

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estimate the probable number of errors if 1600 bits of information are transmitted.

Ten measurement signals are input to a multiplexer so that each one is sampled twice per second. The multiplexed signal is input to a serial digital transmitter incorporating a 10-bit….

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