Recall Haley, the 8-year-old child with cerebral palsy who will be attending school for the first time. Her mother believes that at- tending school will help promote her social development and broaden what she can learn. She also thinks that some of the special health services that Haley needs may be available in school, such as physical therapy and speech therapy. Haley’s mother has asked for the clinic nurse’s advice to help plan her daughter’s transition to school. Haley’s mother and nurse discuss the potential accommodations that Haley will need for her mobility limitations. The nurse suggests that Haley receive a full educational evaluation so her educational needs can be identified. Once the mother has signed consent, the clinic nurse prepares a summary of Haley’s health history for the school nurse that can be used to develop her IEP and IHP


1. Describe the potential signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy that might be important to consider when Haley’s IEP and 1HP are developed (see Chapter 27o for mnore information on cerebral palsy)

2. Based upon Haley’s age and developmental stage, what feelings, fears, and concerns might she experience related to entering school?

3. Describe the role of the nurse as Haley’s care coordinator

4. What education does the mother need to prepare her for serving as Haley’s advocate with school administrators when her IEP and IHP are developed?