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PBS Frontline Streaming Documentary

Supplements and Safety

To successfully complete this assignment, a student must watch the video linked here https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/supplements-and-safety/ , PBS Frontline: Supplements and Safety.


The student must then answer each of the DISCUSSION QUESTIONS below. Answers must be substantive, go beyond one sentence responses, and must directly address the question. The student must turn in this narrative in a typewritten form.  Please type out the questions in your paper.


1. What percentage of adults are estimated to take supplements annually?

2. Summarize the Purity First story.

3. Summarize the story of the black cohosh.

4. Describe the story of David Kessler, head of the FDA, and his effort to regulate supplements.

5. Describe the story of Jerry Kessler, a leader of the supplement industry,

6. Can megavitamins be harmful? What are antioxidants? Give examples of the diseases you are at risk for by consuming too much of either.

7. Summarize the Vitamin D study by Dr. Joann Manson. What diseases did she say you are at risk for by consuming high levels of Vitamin D.

8. Summarize the study about Fish Oil/Omega 3. What is the risk of ingesting high levels of oxidized lipids? Do the studies support fish oils preventing heart attacks?

9. Describe Newmaster’s study and the NY Attorney General’s study comparing plant DNA to the products purchased in herbal supplement stores.

10. Would you describe the supplement industry as well regulated?

11. Do you believe sufficient evidence supports the notion that diet supplementation beyond the recommended daily dosages of vitamins and minerals enhances health?