Describe the three stages of memory storage

  1. Describe the three stages of memory storage
  2. Describe the unreliability of eyewitness testimony
  3. Identify and discuss the basic components of language.
  4. Explain some common roadblocks to effective problem solving
  5. Describe problem solving strategies, including algorithms and heuristics
  6. Describe the development of IQ tests, their purposes, and benefits
  7. Explain and detail the Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence.
  8. Describe the assumptions of the psychodynamic perspective on personality development, including the id, ego, and superego
  9. Define and describe the psychosexual stages of personality development
  10. Describe the Big Five factors and categorize someone who is high and low on each of the five traits

Interview anybody you have access to but maintaining social distance. The person may be successful in certain areas of his or her life or may be struggling/has concerns. State the person’s success or struggles.

Please listen to the voice thread, which is a brief summary of the tenets and assumptions of narrative therapy, and the read the assigned materials (therapy process) from pages 71….

Psychology Theories

This week, you will continue to populate the Psychology Theories Template and add    Cognition & Cognitive neuroscience,       Biopsychosocial theories,,Multiple Intelligences,   Attachment,    Social Cognitive and Other Social Principal,     Cognitive Development,    Behaviorist,    Gender,….