You are a member of a forensic team that just finished gathering samples from a crime scene for which someone is being accused of breaking into the house and possibly attacking a female. The female victim was home alone when she heard a noise and went to investigate. A man was found running from the neighborhood a few blocks away when the police arrived. They arrested him, pending the outcome of the forensic investigation. Your forensic team surveyed the crime scene area and gathered evidence to take to the lab for investigation. The evidence consisted of broken glass, stains from carpet, furniture and clothing, and drinking glasses.


  • Address the following in 4–5 pages:
    • How will the evidence be delivered to the lab for testing? Explain.
    • How would you test for the following body fluids on each of the pieces of evidence (explain in detail):
      • Blood
      • Semen
      • Saliva
    • Describe what a positive test for each of the samples would indicate.
      • Be very descriptive in your examination.
    • How are the tests for the 3 above body fluids similar? Explain.
    • How are the tests for the 3 above body fluids different? Explain.