Over decades, the development of Internet and communication technologies has
introduced a virtual world to everyone’s daily life. In this virtual world, people are
able to conduct a large number of activities similar in the real world. Subsequently, a
question has been raised, which is how to build a bridge between the real and the
virtual world. To answer this question, an innovative technology has been studied for
many years and now is being widely used, named Internet of Things (IoT). By taking
the advantages of affordable sensors and wireless communications, IoT networks are
capable of digitising human activities in the real world, which can be utilised directly
in the virtual world.
However, from the security point of view, IoT is not flawless. A large number of
security issues have been observed in IoT systems. Consequently, not only the IoT
system will be attacked, but privacy of end users will also lose. Therefore, in recent
years, security and privacy issues in IoT networks have been a hot topic in research
Below is a list of possible essay topics. In this assignment, you are required to
complete an essay relating to the security or privacy problem, consisting of 1500-2000
words (minimum 1500 words, single spaced, 12pt font, on the A4-sized paper) on
ONE of these topics. You will also need to prepare a 5-minute video talk with
presentation slides to describe your findings.
Possible essay topics
1. Security in IoT. In this essay, you investigate the security problems of IoT.
You need to describe why security issues exist in IoT and what types of
security issues are commonly observed. You then select a security issue and
analyse it in detail. After that, you describe and compare existing methods to
defend against and solve the security issues according to some criteria, such as
effectiveness and cost of deployment. Additionally, you will propose a new or
improved method or technique to defend against or solve the security issue and
describe the effectiveness of your method/technique.