Describe the WTO prescribed resolution mechanism and associated processes

Question One
a.Explain the major difference between WTO and its predecessor the GATT
b.In your opinion,has been WHO”s contribution to agribusiness?
c.Eplain main sources of disputes in World trade
d.Describe the WTO prescribed resolution mechanism and associated processes. (20Marks)

Question Two

a.Define interlectual property using suitable examples
b.Briefly explain what constitutes Iterllectual Property Rights (IPRs)
c.Why is the protection of interllectual property rights considered a double edged sword?
d.what are the challenges in protecting interllecgual property?
e.Briefly explain the role of interllectual property in international agribusiness development. (25Marks)

Question Three

In recent years,Internaional agribusiness and marketing has been influenced to a large extent by the documents required and the corresponding documentation processes.Explain in detail,the key elements od international agribusiness transactoons and related documents. (25 marks)

Question Four

International,continental,regional and national agribusiness is governed by several convections,agreements,strategies and even funds.Discuss any two such entities with respect to Kenya”s agribusiness sector. (25Marks).





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