1.       The pinion of an internal gearset has pitch radius rp = 30 mm and the gear has pitch radius r= 150 mm. If the pinion is the input member of the set, determine the velocity ratio, the torque ratio, and the gear ratio of the set.

2.       A pinion having 18 teeth and a diametral pitch of 10 (in-1) is in mesh with a rack. If the rack moves 1 in, how many degrees will the pinion rotate?

3.       A gearset with 25°, full-depth teeth is designed to have a pinion with 24 teeth, a gear with 54 teeth, and a diametral pitch of 6. Compare the contact ratio for this set for a range of center distances from 0.90C to 1.10C.

4.       Design a planetary gear train similar to that shown in Figure 12-16 for an overall velocity ratio of exactly 1.25 if the sun gear is stationary, the arm is the input, and the ring gear is the output. Specify tooth numbers for each gear in the train.