Your task is to design, develop and test a small application which will allow a mobile phone
user to compare the cost of their phone usage on particular day under plans from three
different phone providers and find the most expensive and cheapest from them.
Task 1- Design
This stage requires you to prepare documentation that describes the function of the
program and how it is to be tested. There is no coding or code testing involved in this stage.
1) Read through Task 2: Program Development to obtain details of the
requirements of this program.
2) Write pseudocode that describes how the program will operate.
a. All program requirements must be included, even if you do not end up
including all these requirements in your program code.
b. The pseudocode must be structured logically so that the program would
function correctly.
3) Prepare and document test cases that can be used to check that the program
works correctly once it has been coded. You do NOT need to actually run the
test cases in this stage; this will occur in Task 3: Testing.
a. Test cases should be documented using a template which is week 6
lecture and tutorial. You may include extra information if you wish. At
this stage, the Actual Result column will be left blank. Two test cases
per group member are required to gain full marks in this task.