For this assignment, you are to become the teacher. But, you have a monumental task before you. You have a limited time to teach prospective students about each aspect of the core areas of the program. As a reminder, those core areas are:

• Networking • Databases • Systems Analysis • Management Information Systems • Project Management • Business Intelligence

Each core area outlined above has an associated Goal:

• Networking: Students will design scalable, robust, network solutions to address business/organizational needs.

• Databases: Students will design scalable, robust, database solutions to address business/organizational needs.

• Systems Analysis: Students will develop appropriate solutions to address business/organizational needs utilizing systems development methodologies.

• Management Information Systems: Students will evaluate appropriate information technologies to support the strategic and operational goals of an organization.

• Project Management: Students will apply project management concepts to solve business/organizational needs.

• Business Intelligence: Students will evaluate business intelligence solutions to leverage against business/organizational needs.