The shaft shown in Figure P11-4 was designed in Problem 10-19. For the data in row (a) of Table P11-1, and the corresponding diameter of shaft found in Problem 10-19, design suitable bearings to support the load for at least 5E8 cycles at 1 200 rpm using deepgroove ball bearings. In addition to the radial loads found in Problem 10-19, the right bearing supports an axial load that is 120% of the concentrated transverse loadĀ P. The shaft diameter is 1.153 in, theĀ L10 design life is 500E6 revolutions, and the concentrated transverse load is 1 000 lb. Assume an axial-force factor = 1.2 and a shaft-rotation factor = 1.0. Also assume that the shaft diameter can be reduced at the left bearing where the moment is zero.