Chapter 4: Solar Energy

Access the link below to create an experiment using the Solar Energy Simulator in this


Part I.

Get familiar with the basics of the Solar Energy simulator by running the basics the site


Part II.

Design your experiment to explore the amount of energy that can be provided with this

solar panels-battery system.

Consider the following:

1. Choose your speed. Important to convert time units in your answers.

2. Start your exercise with a fully charged battery.

3. With the sun intensity at min (use a value > 0), turn on the all appliances and

measure in what time you run out of battery.

4. Do the same with the sun intensity at 4 and then at max.

5. Turn off some of the appliances and see how the time of battery changes.

6. Let the battery use all the charge (

charge again.

Part III.

1. Plot a graph of Energy available from battery vs. load use, for the three sun

intensities (max, min, 4).

2. Plot a graph of the time it takes for the battery to charge vs. time it takes to run out,

for the three sun intensities (max, min, 4).

3. Briefly discuss the results of the exercise.