Corporate Communication of The Future Case Study Background A digital payment company noticed decline in its sales, and upon performing a situational analysis, an initial observation was declared that some employees are not using the company’s app., and an internal report was presented to the CEO revealing that more than 30% of the employees were doing their online payment using other options. The CEO, wrote a companywide memo to all staff regarding the problem. Approach The CEO took an extremely strict approach to the matter. He told his staff to use the product or quit: “If you are one of the folks who refused to install the company’s app or if you can’t remember your password, do yourself a favor, go find something that will connect with your heart and mind elsewhere”. Outcome The memo was leaked to the press. It generated widespread coverage across the media and left customers wondering what was wrong with the app that the company’s own employees wouldn’t use? Requirement 1. If you are the CEO of the company, would you take the same approach? Explain your answer with evidence? 2. Suggest a plan that the company could have taken to solve its problem(s), demonstrating the following: a) Define the problem(s) of the company in this situation? b) Determine the goal of the communication? who is the audience? Broaden your scope to include all possible communications with various audiences. c) Identify the miscommunication pitfalls, suggesting the possible solutions or strategies that would have prevented the problem. d) Suggest a list of communication media and channels to reach the goal. You may also consider new recruits due to the anticipated result that some employees may be quitting their jobs following the CEO message. Good Luck!