1. A proposed helical-coil compression spring is to be wound from standard unpeened music wire of 0.038-inch diameter, into a spring with outer coil diameter of inch and12 total turns from end-of-wire to end-of-wire. The ends are to be closed. Do the following:

a. Estimate torsional yield strength of the music wire.

b. Determine the maximum applied axial load that could be supported by the spring without initiating yielding in the wire.

c. Determine the spring rate of this spring.

d. Determine the deflection that would be produced if the incipient yielding load calculated in (b) above were applied to the spring.

e. Calculate the solid height of the spring.

f. If no permanent change in free height of the spring can be tolerated, determine the free height that should be specified so that when the spring is compressed to solid height and then released, the free height remains unchanged.

g. Determine the maximum operating deflection that should be recommended for this spring if no preload is anticipated. h. Determine whether buckling of this spring might be a potential problem.