Task 1

Consider the following situation that had happened 3km away from the Kandy city.

Two adjacent city centres B and D receive water from separate sources A and C. The water level in A is 4 m above that in C. Reservoir A supplies city centre B by 0.4 m diameter pipe of 3000 m length with a level difference of 10 m. City centre D’s is supplied by reservoir C through a 4000 m long pipe of 0.45 m diameter, with a level difference of 15 m. After sometime it is found that centre B has excess water while centre D is starved.

Your company has come up with a solution to this issue.

They have proposed to interconnect these lines and draw 100 l/s from the line A to B. The junction on AB is at a distance of 2000 m from A. The junction CD is at 3000 m from C.

1) Determine the original supply rates and supply rates with interconnectionto centres B and D. Also determine

the diameter of the interconnecting pipe, if the length is 1500 m Friction factor, f = 0.01 in all cases.

Compare the results and evaluate the feasibility of the proposed solution.


Figure 1- Pipe Supply


2) Also, a compound manometer is used to measure the pressure in a pipe E carrying water. The dimensions are shown in the figure below. Determine the pressure in the pipe.



Figure 2- Manometer with the liquid



3) Illustrate a proposed solution to any similar hydraulic problem of your choice, using drawings or models