Determine your current competitive advantages and ways to develop additional advantages.


Company Description (Tech Lopes)

Tech Lopes delivers expert level IT support. We handle both software and hardware issues, as well as general maintenance and IT consultation. We have IT experts ready to provide assistance and results on data recovery, hardware repair, virus removal, and general IT support. We work with all brands of computers, smartphones and tablets in relation to both hardware and software.


Our mission is to provide fast, expert level IT Support and educate our customers on simple IT solutions.


Our vision is to become the most reliable IT Support Company for consumers, and small businesses.

Target Market

  • Small to Medium Local Business
    • Newly established
  • Highschool / College Students
  • Elderly Personale


Use the following outline to describe your industry and competitive advantage. For each section use the heading provided and address each bulleted point.


· Identify your audience and explain what a competitive advantage is and why it is essential for your organization. Outline what this document will cover.

Industry Analysis

· Conduct an analysis to ensure the market size of your industry is growing (if not, you might want to diversify) and to help identify new opportunities for growth.

SWOT Analysis

· Construct a graphical SWOT diagram and detail each point briefly.

Competitive Analysis

· Identify who your key competitors are. List their strengths and weaknesses.

Competitive Advantage

· Determine your current competitive advantages and ways to develop additional advantages. What makes your business competitive? What makes your business stand out from what your competitors offer?

· What risks are associated with this competitive advantage?

· Is this competitive advantage sustainable? Why or why not?

determine the context, order, and any linkages between the required elements listed below

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