You have been asked to develop a database system for the Elijah Community Hospital. ECH is a small, local community hospital with approximately 125 beds. The basic goal is to provide high-quality, cost-effective health-care services for the surrounding community in North Georgia.

The various business functions that the hospital currently has are:

  1. Patient care administration software-record keeping aspects of patient care
  2. Clinic and lab services software-provides lab testing and procedures and patient monitoring & screening
  3. Patient care software-provide patients with medical care and support services
  4. Financial management software-manage the financial resources and operations of the hospital
  5. Administrative services software-provide general management and support services not directly related to patient care

The patient care and clinic and lab services include: laboratory tests, radiology procedures, admissions, in-patient and out-patient surgeries, labor and delivery services, intensive care, cardiology, open-heart surgery, neurology department, pediatric medical and surgical care, orthopedics, oncology, and a 24-hour emergency department.

The staff on the hospital includes 600 full-time and 200 part-time personnel including doctors, registered nurses, laboratory technicians, counselors, rehabilitation therapists, social services staff, admittance/discharge staff, insurance staff, janitorial staff, and security staff.

For this Lab you will do the following based on the explanation of the Elijay Community Hospital:

  1. a) Using the Business Functions identified in the description of the Elijay Community Hospital -List the various Entities that support EACH Business function (done in Word) – each business function should have a separate list of entities associated with it.

Example: Patient Care Administration (business function)

Patient (entity), etc.

Clinical Services (business function)

Patient (entity)

Lab Test (entity), etc.

Part 2:

Hand draw the high-level E/R diagram for the hospital including all entities and relationships (do NOT include cardinalities for this lab).