Develop and document a change request that enhances the value that the project will deliver to the sponsor and company.

project proposal attached
part 1

Congratulations, your proposal was one of the chosen few to move forward to the second round. Unfortunately, the project sponsor has some change requests that he would like for you to consider before submitting your proposal to the board.

  1. Request 1: Decrease total budget by 15%.
  2. Request 2: Decrease time to completion by 25%.
  3. Request 3: Create a role within the project that manages all security procedures for the data center (if not already identified) entitled ‘security specialist’.
  4. Request 4: Provide an estimate of the cost per year for a data center security specialist.
  5. Request 5: Develop and document a change request that enhances the value that the project will deliver to the sponsor and company. Hint: Consider a request that enhances a technical aspect of the solution.Submit your proposal to your group’s discussion board (no later than 4 days before the assignment is due). Likewise, provide constructive feedback on the proposals posted by your group members (no less than 2 days before the assignment is due).
  6. part 2
  7. Draft an email as a response to the requests by your sponsor (maximum of two pages). This email will serve three purposes: Justify and explain the changes made to your proposal, then communicate the cost estimates of the security specialist. Lastly, determine whether a cloud solution or an on-site managed data center would be feasible for your project. Explain the benefits and pitfalls of both.
  8. Submit your assignment as one document, beginning with the email and concluding with your final proposal.
  9. For the e-mail, APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. 

    Prepare the Final Proposal draft according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.



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