For this assignment, you are requested to develop front-end and back-end pages for an application to store the information of flights. To start with, let’s define a flight. A flight is identified with the following information:

Flight Number: Integer

Flight Duration: Byte

Source: String

Destination: String

Departure Time: Date/Time


You are requested to develop two UIs and corresponding back-end to support these front-end pages. The main UI for this application is used to enter the data for flights. So, you will need to design a UI so that the user can input all required information for flight.

Note: You are requested to do input-validation for your forms (client-side input validation)


Next, you will need to design another UI so that the user can retrieve the following information:

a. All flights whose destination is a specific city (The list of flights must be displayed on a table)

b. All flights who fly on a specific date (not time)

c. Number of flights in a specific day

To perform this, in your webpage, create three text-boxes, one for each query. In front of each text-box, add a button with title “Run Query”. Once clicked, the button sends the data provided in the text-box to the server to be processed. The server, then sends the responds to the client after processing it.