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Health care is among the important spheres that will require multiple skills and advanced knowledge from each employee. In this particular context, the job of an authorized nurse practitioner (CNP) is tough to overestimate. A professional nurse practitioner is an authorized, sophisticated practice registered nurse that has finished a recommended academic system which will help would-be specialists acquire the needed information and also develop skills in evaluation, treatment, diagnosis, and control. It’s likely to single out non-clinical and clinical roles (Spencer, and Hanania, 2019). Even though the former represents direct patient care, the latter spreads over the spheres of management and education. Within the medical atmosphere, the main task of licensed nurse practitioners is providing groups and persons with immediate attention based on the amount of the educational training of theirs as well as national certification. At first, the CNP function occurred in primary care options (Hamric, Hanson, Tracy, and O ‘Grady, 2019). CNPs are people who do care activities, patient treatment, or an assessment either separately or perhaps in cooperation with some other healthcare specialists, for example, doctors. The bulk of NPSGs relates to CNPs’ job in clinical circumstances. For instance, secure medication consumption is determined by the way a CNP establishes methods and paperwork info. Another NPSG fully necessary is preventing illness. As CNPs often communication individuals, they have to seek for services enhancement: hand washing has to be improved, along with established suggestions to avoid numerous kinds of infection should be worn (Hamric, Hanson, Tracy, and O ‘Grady, 2019). Therefore, the medical roles of CNPs in medical intervention and treatment preparation are many.

In comparison with medical duties, non clinical roles tend to be more different. A lot of CNPs conduct analysis attached, as a rule, with the practice of theirs, and help in investigation. Yet another substantial role is organizational: a nurse practitioner typically coordinates medical details and also adjusts various details. These roles are mirrored in the National Patient Safety Goals. One of them is usually to identify individuals correctly: info about each in-patient really should be correctly structured. Yet another example is improving staff communication: all required info must be sent to the proper team member (Spencer, and Hanania, 2019). Typically speaking, CNPs is helped by non-clinical issues along with other healthcare specialists perform the duties of theirs in the medical atmosphere much better. To sum up, the roles of licensed nurse practitioners are today numerous. In the medical atmosphere, they meet up with individuals immediately, evaluate the health of theirs, do check ups, purchase and conduct different tests, offer main and special care services, and deal with individuals. The job of educators is likewise important: CNPs explain to people just how they need to act to greatly reduce chances and assist utilize various products. In a non clinical setting, CPNs are administrators and researchers that manage perform and also enhance the quality of services. Lastly, they’re patients’ advocators. Regardless of the present problems in this sphere, this particular inclination is increasing. General, CNPs is going to continue playing various roles as time goes by.

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In 2016, Florida expanded the scope of practice for advanced practice registered nurses (Florida Nurses Association, 2016). The demand in healthcare is increasing and patients now have another safe high-quality option when accessing care. They have also increased nurse access during another states time of need by allowing the use of Tele Med across state lines to assist with patient care. They are also focused on building a more diverse nursing workforce, in April 2015 they found that 83 percent of nurses were white, while 90 percent were female. Expanding the scope of practice for APRN, allowing them to utilize their knowledge and skills when providing patient care. There will always be areas for improvement in healthcare and constant change in the field (Florida Nurses Association, 2016).

Florida is among the states where consumers will have better access to care after lawmakers decided to expand the scope of practice laws for advanced practice registered nurses. Currently more than 13,000 ARNP provide safe, high quality, cost effective primary care with a collaborating physician. However, insurers and managed care organizations in Florida limit ARNPs ability to provide care for vulnerable citizens such as the elderly and indigent by refusing direct billing. Removing the scope of practice barriers, expanding public understanding of the diverse roles of registered nurses and giving greater practice authority for highly trained nurses are some of the proposed actions.

The Medical Practice Act authorizes physicians to diagnose mental and physical conditions, to use drugs in or upon human beings, to sever or penetrate the tissue of human beings and to use other methods in the treatment of diseases, injuries, deformities or other physical or mental conditions. As a general guide, the performance of any of these functions by a registered nurse, nurse practitioner requires a standardized procedure (Kleinpell, Scanlon & Hibbert, 2014). This means there must be documented requirements that the nurse be currently capable to perform a procedure and be held accountable for that tasks performed.