• Week 2 Group Project DiscussionDiscussion Topic Task: Reply to this topicUse this area to conduct your group discussions for the weekly Group Project. This area is only visible to your group and your instructor. Students in other groups cannot access this area.
  • Week 2 Group ProjectAssignment Task: Submit to complete this assignmentProfessional Australia Essay Writers | AustraliaEssayWriting.com Due April 5 at 11:59 PMGroup Project Assignment
    Using your specific Group Project Discussion thread, this week you will contact your group members to discuss how your group will approach the project. All communication occurs in the Group Project Discussion thread. You are asked to be as creative as possible, while producing a professional, factually accurate and properly referenced Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. The intended audience for your work includes epidemiologists, scientists, and health care professionals. In your discussion, be sure to divide among yourselves the tasks necessary for the completion of the project and assign who will be responsible for each part. Consider all weeks, not just Week 2.
    By the due date assigned, identify these tasks in your specific Group Project Discussion thread. Throughout this assignment, each student will be graded individually based on their contribution to the project as described in the grading rubric for each assignment. Group members may change and adjustments will be made as necessary.
    By the due date assigned using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website Centers for Disease Control ans Prevention each group member will complete their assigned Microsoft PowerPoint slides (1–3 slides each, excluding the slide of reference sources) and post to your group’s specific Week 2 Group Project folder. Your group name will be the same as your group name in the Group Project Discussion thread. For example, if you are in Group XYZ, post your Microsoft PowerPoint slides only to the Group XYZ Doc Sharing area. Please note that all Microsoft PowerPoint slides should be posted in the Week 2 Group Project submission folder and not to the Group Project Discussion thread.
    Your assignment(s) may include the location, dates, risk factors, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of future outbreaks for the topic approved for your group. Individual assignments, posted on your specific Group Project Discussion thread, are based on the agreement between you, your team mates and the group leader. Submit references on a separate slide, citing all sources using APA format.
    Assigned tasks for individuals in the group may include:

    • Outbreak location(s) and date(s)
    • Signs, symptoms of the disease, and mechanisms of transmission of the outbreak
    • Risk factors
    • Diagnosis and treatment of the outbreak disease
    • Prevention of future outbreaks
    • Submission Details:
    • By the due date assigned submit your assigned portion of the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to your group’s specific Week 2 Group Project submission folder and title it SU_HSC4010_W2_A2_LastName_W2 PP slides_Group name.pptx.
    • Submit references used, on a separate slide, citing all sources in APA forma