Discuss the effects of acid rain on each of the following environmental components

1. Evolution of solid earth is explained by the principles of primary and secondary differentiation of matter from the intial cloud of gased that sorrounded the sun after the ”BIG BANG”.
a. Distinguish between primary and secondary differentiation of geo-elements during the chemical evolutiob of the earth (2mks)
b. By giving appropriate examples in each case, explain classification of geo-elements on the basis of their geochemical affinities. (6mks)
c. Explain the rules that govern formation of stable ionic chemical lattices of compounds. (4mks)
d. With the aid of a well labeled diagram, explain the modern understanding of the internal structure of the earth. (6mks)
2 (a). With the aid of a well labeled diagram where appropriate, explain the structure of the atmosphere. (14mks)
(b). Discuss the effects of acid rain on each of the following environmental components: (8mks)
i. surface water and aquatic animals
ii. soil chemistry
iii. forests and vegetation
iv. human health




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