discuss the book, “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass,’ while addressing the following issues:

Frederick Douglass Paper


Instructions: write an essay addressing the topics stated below. The paper should be at least 6 pages, and should not exceed 8 pages in length; use standard 12 font size and 1” margins, double-spaced. The paper should be as professional as possible: please be sure to proofread before submission, paying attention to structural and grammatical correctness. Appropriate citations are needed when using quotes from the text. It is advised that students who feel the need of assistance with their writing skills consult the tutoring center and/or outside guidance.

Due Date: please refer to syllabus. Your paper will be submitted electronically via Canvas.

Topics: Your paper will discuss the book, “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass,’ while addressing the following issues:
1) The interconnection between the ‘bondage of mind’ and the ‘bondage of the body’ (that is, ‘mental slavery’  and ‘physical slavery’) as found in southern ideology justifying slavery
2) Slavery’s effect upon the African American family
3) How slavery corrupts EVERYONE in southern slave societies
4) Douglass’ testimony refuting the antebellum view that ‘slaves are happy’
5) Personal thoughts, insights, and/or criticisms of Douglass’ narrative

As long as these issues are addressed fully, and the instructions as stated above are followed, feel free to be creative in your approach to the paper.
*Please do not use outside sources for this paper; rather, use your own ideas and interpretations. I’m familiar with the interpretations and analyses that are found on the internet, so please do not use online material or secondary sources.  I will be checking papers for plagiarism; an automatic failing grade will be assigned for cases of academic theft.


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