Discuss the challenges they face from the African American community

Movie Essay Prompt


Movie : Murder in Mississippi


· Write this essay based on the movie “Murder in Mississippi”


· View the film with an eye to the topical questions below. Take notes as much as possible of the dialogue and behavior of the characters. After viewing the film write your essay using the following structure and topics.


· Essay should be a 5 paragraph MLA style paper. Font type should be New Times Roman, font size should be 12, and standard margins.


Paragraph 1: Mention and discuss briefly the major theme of the film, major characters and challenges provide a strong thesis

Paragraph 2: Discuss the immediate context: James Chaney, an African American, and Michael and Rita Schwerne, volunteers from New York, are working together to get African Americans to register to vote.

Paragraph 3: Discuss the challenges they face from the African American community, i.e., apathy, an attitude of nothing is going to change, well as the white community, i.e., prejudice, racism and discrimination against African Americans.

Paragraph 4: Discuss the steps James Chaney and Michael Schwerne take to combat apathy among the African Americans, i.e., Freedom schools and the discrimination among the white folks.

Paragraph 5: Conclude your essay. Mention briefly your opinion on whether Chaney and Schwerne were successful in their efforts.

Include Work cited Page

Essay should be between 600-700 words.

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