Please also refer to the marking Rubric under the Essay Assignment and Submission information tab


  1. Discuss and evaluate current public policy approaches to drug use. Include discussion of the benefits of a government approach/program that emphasises HM compared to one that only approaches this by means of ZT or one that criminalises use and selling. At the current time it is argued by experts that the Australian Government has a contradictory policy with an official HM approach but the vast majority of expenditure on this area being spent on a ZT approach.
  2. Discuss the pros and cons of the legalisation and decriminalisation of drugs currently banned (illicit drugs). Refer to already existing programs Portugal, Switzerland and the Netherlands
  3. Examine treatment approaches and/or rehabilitation programs that appear to be based on HM or on ZT. For example is AA a ZT approach??? Comparing programs based on ZT and those based on HM
  4. Indicate and discuss critically the major features of either the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotic Anonymous) to addiction. What do you see to be the advantages and disadvantages of this approach to drug abuse?
  5. Outline the central aspects of either (i.e. not both) the Transactional Analysis (TA) or the CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) approach to alcohol addiction. Is the one you select to write on be regarded as a superior approach to that of AA – in what ways is that program superior or inferior or more or less effective than the AA approach to alcohol overuse?
  6. Outline and evaluate one to more of the HM approaches to dealing with drug over use. Examples of such programs are: Needle exchange, Methadone Maintenance, Medically Supervised injecting Centres (MSIC)
  7. Summarise and evaluate Bateson’s cybernetic interpretation of Alcoholics Anonymous. (See the Bateson article in the readings)
  8. Outline and evaluate the Therapeutic Community approach or addiction (e.g. Odyssey House, GROW, WHO etc.)

9          Outline the major features of Young’s distinction between the absolutist and relativist approach to substance abuse. Outline the differences between these two approaches and also what implications they may have for treatment.

  1. What is meant by the concept of an “addictive personality”? Do you consider this is to be a useful concept for dealing with the problem of drug abuse?
  2. Discuss the interaction/s with drug use/abuse and crime. You can focus for example on female drug use and crime or adolescent drug use and crime
  3. Discuss the nature of the interaction of mental illness and substance abuse.
  4. Discuss issues relating to the problem and treatment of alcoholism amongst Australian Indigenous Groups or Maoris or any other indigenous group preferably choose only one of these groups for you essay
  5. Discuss the special issues relating to drug use by children
  6. Discuss special issues in relation to drug use and abuse amongst women
  7. Discuss the problems of sport and performance enhancing drug use is there a case for HM?
  8. Discuss the problems of social drug use in sport
  9. Make up your own question ; Check topic with coordinator first to ensure appropriate content


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