Parker owns and runs ethical shoe shops, Ethletic Vegan Footwear (EVF), in Melbourne and Sydney. He sells
ethically custom-made, cruelty-free and vegan shoes. He prides himself in producing footwear in a much
more sustainable, less toxic and more compassionate way than using animal hides. Parker’s clients are vegans
looking for high quality alternatives to animal leather. Parker has sourced the material for his vegan line of
footwear from Vegan Shoes Supplies (VSS) for the last 10 years. Sadly, the owner of VSS retired recently and
closed the business down. Parker had to find another supplier. Parker identified Cruelty-Free Cobbler
Supplies (CFCS) as a potential new supplier of vegan leather. He rings the business to discuss the nature of
the materials they sell and speaks to Margaret:
Parker: ‘Many of my vegan clients are environmentally conscious. They are looking to buy shoes that are
manufactured from an eco-friendly, natural alternative to animal hide. Is the vegan leather you supply allnatural?’