Read this article and Discuss the use of non-compete agreements for entry-level and low paid employees and use the decision-making process to come up with a solution for employers  who require non-compete agreements for entry-level workers.

Elements of Case Analysis (Outline)

  1. Determine the relevant facts. This summary should not exceed one paragraph.
    (Note: You do NOT need to state what facts might be missing that you would like to have known, unless it clarifies information or context.)
  2. Identify and explain the key ethical issue(s) involved in the case.

The detailed rubric can be found within each case assignment on Canvas.

Cases are due by 11:59 PM on the date indicated on the Calendar. For each day late, 10% of the total available points will be deducted.

When writing the case study, do not reproduce the language in the case study, i.e., no quotes. Doing so will reduce your grade. Summarize or paraphrase everything you use from the case study.  Outside sources may be used. Be succinct.  Spell check and grammar check the assignment; find and correct errors. Be sure every point is expressed clearly.

Formatting – use MLA format, including: