Topic 1a: Work Breakdown Structure (MANDATORY RESPONSE)

The Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structures (2006) describes two quality principles for work breakdown structures. The first principle (a quality WBS is a WBS constructed in such a way that it satisfies all the requirements for its use in the project) has two sub-principles: (1) there is a set of CORE characteristics that must be present in every WBS; and (2) there is an additional set of USE characteristics that may vary from one WBS to another. Describe the use of work breakdown structures by project managers in your organization and the extent to which the two quality sub-principles, listed above, are implemented.

Option: If you work in an agile environment, describe how your organization creates the work items that comprise the product backlog or repository.

Topic 1b: Triple Constraint

What is the triple constraint and how are elements of the triple constraint related? Discuss trade-offs that may be required when managing the triple constraint. What element(s) of the triple constraint typically take priority in your organization? Why?