1. (a) State Four (4) factors you should consider when planning the structure of a presentation. (4 marks)

(b) Explain Three (3) key issues that you are expected to deal with in the introduction section of a presentation. (6 marks)


2. Discuss the contemporary issues in Fashion Design

3. You have been asked to present your research proposal using the manuscript mode of presentation. Evaluate this mode of presentation under the following sub-headings.

(a) Advantages

(b) Limitations

(c) Improving the presentation. (20 marks)

4. At the end of this semester, you will be expected to present a concept paper in a department seminar, based on your research proposal. Discuss professional ethics that you will be expected to adhere to as a presenter. (20 marks)

5. Discuss the weaknesses/shortcomings in writing and publishing research papers, that were highlighted by Kupfersmind and Wonderly (1994) based on relevancy and scientific contribution. (20 marks)





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