Consol Inc. is a large international steel and sheet coil manufacturer. Their Head Offices are located in Sydney, Australia. Consol Inc. employs more than 1,500 workers and have more than 350 clients world-wide. In addition, Consol Inc. orders semi-finished materials (e.g. steel sheets) as required from a large number of diverse suppliers. The IT challenges facing Consol Inc. according to its CIO Paul, are primarily related to their legacy and non-integrated systems resulting in inefficiencies, particularly across the Sales and Distribution, Procurement, and Inventory Management processes. Paul believes that “Consol Inc. requires an industry-specific enterprise system to manage the above processes in order to streamline the overall steel and sheet coil manufacturing processes.” The senior management of Consol Inc. is meeting Paul to discuss what an enterprise systems is and the advantages and disadvantages of having an enterprise systems for their business.