Case Study   Project
(first draft and revised draft)
For this final project you will continue with the social issue that you   selected (language and power; freedom and security; health and wealth)   and you will write an essay where you discuss your perspective. You will use   the ideas and information from the summary-response and the quote log to   write your case study. You will submit a first draft and a revised draft of   this assignment.

  • Describe a “real life”        instance of your selected social issue in a professional or a personal        setting.
  • Discuss your perspective   on your selected social issue, including the reasons for your viewpoint.
  • Discuss how your core        values inform or influence your perspective on your selected social        issue.
  • Demonstrate that you        are really thinking about your issue—don’t settle for easy answers,        don’t pretend that conflicting evidence doesn’t exist, and don’t feel        that you have to take an either-or position.
  • Discuss the        complexities of your selected social issue. For example, do not just        conclude that using academic language is always good, or that government        surveillance is always bad, or that wealth automatically leads to        health. Think about the intricacies of these issues and how they play        out in everyday life.


  • Include an introductory        paragraph, where you clearly outline a “real-life” instance of your        social issue and you give a thesis statement that indicates your        perspective (see Part 2:        Writing Your Introduction for an example).
  • Include three        body paragraphs where you include details, examples, and quotes        from at least three of the course readings to help you develop and        support your key points (see Part        3: Writing Your Body Paragraphs. for an example).
  • Include one        body paragraph where you discuss how your core values inform or        influence your perspective on your selected social issue (see Part        3: Writing Your Body Paragraphs. for an example).
  • End your essay with        a concluding paragraph where you restate your thesis,        summarize your key points, and leave the reader with the “so        what?” (        see Part        4: Writing Your Conclusion for an example).

Grammar and Mechanics

  • Your paper should be        written according to the standards for academic writing, with attention        to the following:
    • punctuation: this includes things such as proper use of commas, colons, and apostrophes.
    • word-level accuracy: this includes things such as proper capitalization, spelling, word-tense, and usage.
    • sentence-level accuracy:         this includes things such as proper sentence boundaries, subject-verb agreement, and pronoun-antecedent agreement.
  • Take time to proofread after you’ve written your essay. Think about the kinds of writing mistakes you tend to make (like using “text-speak” or sentence fragments) and watch out for those. Reading your paper aloud is a good way to catch any mistakes.

Sources and Documentation

  • You are required to        use three sources for this assignment. Your sources        should be selected from the assigned course readings on your selected        issue (language and power; freedom and security; health and wealth).
  • Your paper should use        APA-style documentation for in-text citations. You do not need to complete a reference page.

Format and Length

  • Your paper should include a proper header and title.
  • Your paper should be typed, double-spaced, and in 12-point font.
  • Your final product should be a minimum of six paragraphs (about 900-1100 words) in length.        However, the quality of the content of this essay is most important. Be sure to fully answer the prompt.

Sample     Header and Title for Assignment Submissions
Kim Lee (student’s name)
Case Study Project, revised draft (assignment     name)
Education Doesn’t Mean     Empowerment (title)
Due Date and Grade Percentage
The first draft of this project is due by the end of Week 6. The first draft is ungraded, but you will receive valuable feedback from your instructor.
The revised draft is due by the end of Week 8.   The revised draft of this project is worth 30% of your final course grade.
Connection to other Course Assignments

  • This is the culminating assignment, where you will tie together all of the information and ideas from the course.
  • All of the reading,        writing, thinking, and discussing that you have done over the past several weeks have led up to this assignment.