Providing Care with Limited Reimbursement.
You are manager at home health agency. One of the elderly patients has insulin-dependent diabetes. He has no family support. He speaks limited English and has little understanding of his disease. He lives alone. Your reimbursement from a government agency pays $90 per visit. Because this gentleman needs so much care, you find that the actual cost to your agency is $130 for each visit to him. What will be the impact to your agency if this patient is seen twice a week for 3 months? How can you recover the lost revenue? How can you make each visit less costly and still meet the needs of the patient?

This assignment based on Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing.
By Bessie L Marquis and Carol J. Huston.
Chapter 10, page 224,
LEARNING EXERCISE 10.5. Please use this and two other sources.
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