Divergent Production Tests Try the following items, which are similar to Guilford’s divergent production tests.

1. Many words begin with an L and end with an N. In 1 minute, list as many words as possible that have the form L _____ N. (The words can have any number of letters between the L and the N.)

2. Suppose that people reached their final height at the age of  2, and so normal adult height would be less than 3 feet. In 1 minute, list as many consequences as possible that would result from this change.

3. Below is a list of names. They can be classified in many ways. For example, one classification would be in terms of the number of syllables: JACOB, MAYA, and HAROLD have two syllables, whereas BETH, GAIL, and JUAN have one syllable. Classify them in as many other ways as possible in 1 minute.


4. Below are four shapes. In 1 minute, combine them to make each of the following objects: a face, a lamp, a piece of playground equipment, and a tree. Each shape may be used once, many times, or not at all in forming each object, and it may be expanded or shrunk to any size. Each shape may also be rotated.

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