While this is older news, the election 2016 was an interesting one because all of the election polls favored Hilary Clinton.  This was obviously not the case and Trump was declared the winner by some very narrow margins.
Read at least two of the articles and write about why the election polls went wrong and what (if anything) could be done to have more accurate election polls.  Do you think you think the election would have turned out the same if they knew that Trump was in the lead?  Will this information change how you view polls and statistics you hear and read about in the news?  Make sure to cite which sources you use
Also provided is a video on how to do linear regression in excel.  It is IMPERATIVE that you have Microsoft excel for this assignment and the remainder of this course as we ill be using it exclusively to solve the problems
Linear Regression in Excel

6. (13.5) Zagat publishes restaurant ratings for various locations in the United States.  The file RESTAURANT contains the Zagat ratings for food, decor, service, and the cost per person for a sample of 100 restaurants located in New York city and in a suburb of New York City.  Develop a regression Model to predict the cost per person, based  on a variable that represents the sum of the ratings for food, decor, and service
a. construct a scatter plot in excel
b. Assume a linear relationship, find bo and b1
c. Interpret the meaning of the y-intercept bo and the slope b1 in this problem
d. Predict the mean cost per person for a restaurant with a summated rating of 50
e.  What should you tell the owner of a group of restaurants in this geographical area about the relationship between summated rating and the cost of a meal