The Hospital system requirements:

A hospital keeps the records of its patients including the registration details (name, id, age, abd DoB (date of birth)) of the patient and the fee payments. The entry of patients is determined whether he/she has arrived in emergency, OPD or for a routine check-up. The patient who gets admitted is provided with a room, specified by type and unique number, according to his/her choice. The fee payments include information such as amount, date, and payment number. The patient is allotted a doctor according to his illness.

The hospital also keeps the record (id, name, salary, and date of birth) of the doctors visiting the hospital and other permanent employees of the hospital. Each doctor has a few days associated with his/her visit to the hospital and also the timings when she/he is available in the hospital. Nurses are assigned to a specific shift (A, B, or C) and ranked from 1 to 5.

The hospital maintains the record and amount of the inventory of the hospital such as the equipment, the medicines, and blood bank. The inventory must be managed by a nurse with rank




1- Draw an ER/EER diagram that represents the application’s requirements. Specify key attributes of each entity type and structural constraints on each relationship type (you are not allowed to add any other requirements)

2- Show the database relational schema of your database after mapping from your ER diagram.