Drawing on your experience, learning and increased knowledge of the ways in which the Indigenous Australian economy responded to the impact of colonisation, write Essay on the following question:
Using case studies examined in class and or other case studies that you have found in your independent research, critically discuss national and global factors that have impacted on the development of at least five (5) Indigenous businesses.
Further, provide your opinion, supported by academic authorities, that in regard to whether there is a growing need to re-examine economic value systems in Australia in order to enable the sustainability and longevity of Indigenous Australian businesses in the future. :
The focus of this assessment has more to do with critical analysis of how western values driving the global economic climate impact Aboriginal capacity for economic expression/development.
The ‘5’ Aboriginal businesses is a focal point for discussing the analysis of the impact of those ‘global factors’.
You don’t need to do primary research on 5 businesses, but can rather make assumptions of impact based on the critical analysis. It may be helpful to choose a specific sector of business to narrow your argument. So for example, let’s say you are looking at Aboriginal communities seeking to commercially benefit from their bush foods and medicines.
One global factor that impacts that are the Free Trade Agreements that require Australia to give rights of those foods and medicines to overseas monopolies that claim intellectual property rights on those local foods and medicines. That’s one of many possible examples.