Effective management of mega projects to avoid their failure

 Masters and Professional Development Programmes


Research Methods Unit

Assignment Part 2


Research Brief


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Masters and Professional Development Programmes

Research Methods Unit  – Assignment Part 2


Research Brief   


Research Brief Title:

Effective management of mega projects to avoid their failure



Rationale for research in this area:

(Explain the micro and macro context of why this topic may be of particular significance / importance to you or others engaged in your professional or academic research area. Explain the links with research in other related areas. Identify and explain links with academic concepts and theories that have come to your attention through your review of literature. Give reasons why you believe that your research contributes to development of your profession or academic area.)






Literature Review

(Identify up to three sources of information, material, ideas that demonstrate different methodological approaches in your research area. Briefly reflect and discuss the influence that these three articles have had on the development of your conceptual framework leading to your choice of final research design (outline this in the Research Methodology section) by which your proposal should be judged. Please give the full reference of the sources (Harvard style).








Specific Objectives   (state in more specific terms what you will be trying to achieve.)



The principal objective(s) in undertaking this research is / will be to:



(A) Test the hypothesis:




(B) Explore the following research questions:




 Research Methodology

  (Briefly explain how you propose to tackle this assignment in order to achieve your stated objectives.

     eg secondary / primary research;  quantitative analysis / qualitative analysis; survey / questionnaire / case

      study. State briefly where and how you intend to gather your evidence. Finally discuss, briefly, why the approach you will take is appropriate )



 My approach to the research will be to:


                                             MAX 200 WORDS


 I will gather my evidence by:

                                             MAX 200 WORDS


The main reasons for adopting this approach are:







Research problems / potential weaknesses 

(Identify and explain the main problem (prioritise the top two) you think you will encounter throughout the research process and the potential weakness of any conclusions that you draw.  This might include: firms not being prepared to release sensitive information; a difficulty in identifying / gaining access to a representative sample of the population; a time constraint that may limit the amount of data you will be able to collect ; concerns about the validity and reliability of the data collected …)




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Prepare a 2-3 page max narrative discussing the content and your thoughts regarding the importance (or lack of importance) of developing such a strategy.

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