Effects of the Nominal Exchange Rate on Export

1. Is There Empirical Evidence with Regard to E§ects of the Nominal
Exchange Rate on Export and Import Shares in GDP? The
Case of X (in Two Countries of Your Choice Before and After
the Global Financial Crisis)? Collect the respective data on GDP,
exports and imports (all measured at constant prices in national or some world currency, or in real terms) for two countries of your choice i and j as well as on their bilateral nominal exchange rate. Add a few controlvariablesî that the literature suggests as important in such empirical studies, e.g., supply to or demand from main trading partner(s) or key international prices such as oil prices. The data could be annual, quarterly or monthly, and should relate to a period since the 1970s (if annual data are used) or later. Especially with quarterly (or monthly) data, consider in particular the sub-period since the mid-2007, in addition to the whole sample period. Compare, discuss and interpret your results with view to
addressing the question in the title of the project.

The countries chosen are India and USA.

The control variables I will focus on is: World Income and Interest rates for both USA and India. Focus mainly on World Income though.

Please find relevant literature to support the data.

I will upload both excel files with all relevant data.
Please make sure to find literature that indicates the difference before and after the financial crisis (Nominal exchange rate).

As for world GDP, http://www.multpl.com/world-real-gdp

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