Encountering and Combating Terrorism and Religious Radicalism with Respect to Terrorism Financing in the GCC

It is a separate section in the proposal call contribution to knowledge, which is probably the most important part of any PhD proposal.

1# I think it is important that you identify what the original contribution of your proposed research will be. If you can identify what question you particularly want to address, then you can go about building the proposal to be sufficiently precise to be credible for this stage. Please note, you should be aiming for about 5 pages at this point, no more. The idea is to get across clearly what questions you are pursuing, why (what is our current knowledge, how will you advance it and why is that important), using what materials, etc. If you are comparing countries, looking at particular regions and organisations, it is important to explain why you feel it is important/appropriate to study those rather than others.

2# An important task that you could consider between now and then is what original contribution to international law scholarship would you thesis make? This is something that was missing on your original proposal and without which no research proposal will be accepted since this is the primary requirement of any PhD. This will involve thinking carefully about national, regional, international law books on terrorist financing – note what exists already, where existing scholarship overlaps with what you plan to do, and how your research can be distinguished from existing scholarship in terms of its original contribution. A good way to do this is to look at library catalogues such as Library of Congress in the US, British Library, and online catalogues of publishers such as Oxford/Cambridge University Press, Hart, Routledge, Ashgate.

thank you

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