Enterprise Architecture

Complete all… Answer questions1-4 with at least 600 words each and at least 1 reference each.

1. Enterprise architecture provide a holistic view of organization resources and these resources are broken down into four distinct layers which are: Technology, Application, Data, and Business or Business Process. As a student of Enterprise Architectures, think about what constitute these layers in your organization. Share your findings with us.

2. You are working for a government agency and your organization is considering implementation of an enterprise architecture program. The main focus of the EA program is security and meeting multiple government standards. Which EA Framework will you recommend for your agency and why. Your Agency is not a DOD agency. Your boss wants to know if there any other agencies that have done this. Provide a summary of their work and what lessons did they learn (Good or bad).

3. How will you measure the process performance of EA? How will you explain EA return on investment to your CEO so that you can gain his buy in on your EA program?

4. Complete the case on ITIL Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Case Study at http://www.itilnews.com/uploaded_files/Cincinnati_Childrens_Hospital.pdf   This is a structure that was developed for a large hospital complex. While it has some different needs than a grocery chain, there are similarities in IT needs and structure. Analyze what Cincinnati Children’s did and the result.

5. Create your own organizational change to support the IT departments.


Ethical Hacking

Complete all… Answer questions1-4 with at least 600 words each and at least 1 reference each.

1. Search for a Case Study on Footprinting and Reconnaissance. For your discussion post, please answer the following questions:

· Describe the case you have researched.

· What techniques were used for footprinting and reconnaissance in your case?

· What information did they find?

· Why is footprinting and Reconnaissance important?

2. Read http://www.wired.com/2014/11/chip-n-pin-foreign-currency-vulnerability/

Discuss the importance of vulnerability assessment in Ethical Hacking.  Why we should have a good understanding of the system vulnerability assessment summary in order to perform an effective ethical hacking?

3. Read this article from 2006. Is this still current information?


How are web servers and applications attacked? How can it be prevented? Support your findings with academic references.

4. Research 3 security firms that offer security solutions to your enterprise. Describe the services.

Discussion: A security firm offered you a security solution to your enterprise with the promise of 100% security against hack and/or attack. Would you accept their offer, and why?

5. Please read and summarize the article below:


6. Please read and summarize the article below: