Demonstrate the use of CBT in a 25 minute video-recording of an intervention between yourself and another individual. Submit this recording with your assignment. Make sure that the file size is not too big.
(25 marks)
In light of the above session, describe the dysfunctional patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving experienced by the consumer and the ways in which these thoughts, feelings and behaviours were negatively impacting on them. Use references.
(500 words, 20 marks)
Critically analyse the video-recording in terms of: the extent to which you: build a therapeutic relationship; explored these negative thoughts and behaviours with the consumer in the session; explored the feelings that emerged during the session; and explored with the other person which of these thoughts and behaviours needed to change and in what way. Use references.
(1200 words, 40 marks)
Identify two dysfunctional patterns of thinking that you currently experience in your own life, and describe how they impact on your everyday functioning. Identify the nature of these thoughts and provide examples of more functional thought patterns that could replace them. Use references.
(300 words, 15 marks)

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