Students are required to provide a written constructive criticism or judgement on a selected topic by Lecturer. The topic Is: 1. Conduct literature review around the success story of today’s world of partnerships, strategic alliances and outsourcing in the strategy process of small or multinational businesses. 2. Critically evaluate the best practices of partnerships, strategic alliances or outsourcing. 3. Evaluate the benefits of partnerships, strategic alliances or outsourcing. 4. Criticise the risks occurred in forming partnerships, strategic alliances or outsourcing process and how it impacts on the strategy process. The business report format is required for the individual assignment. The headings and subheadings are strongly recommended to structure the business report. The Harvard Referencing Style Is required. For detailed requirement, please refer to the guidelines of how to write Business Report and academic writing style. It Is strongly recommended to review 51.5 learning Enhancement Section in AMC Canvas. The link of Business Report Guideline was provided In the assessment section of this subject In the Canvas.